Define uncategorized. uncategorized synonyms, uncategorized pronunciation, uncategorized translation, english dictionary definition of uncategorized. adj. 1. To change your default post category in wordpress, do the following: hover over “posts” in the left sidebar and click “categories” in the flyout menu. hover over “uncategorized” and click the “edit” link that appears below the category name. type your new default category (with a capital letter) in the name field. What is the uncategorized category? in wordpress, when it comes to organizing content, tags and categories are two outstanding and commonly used features. a category refers to a taxonomy, which is used to group and select related posts together. However, ‘uncategorized’ is a bit of an eye sore and is best replaced by something more relevant to the brand and website. while the uncategorized category cannot be removed, it can be manipulated. in the following post, we discuss the uncategorized category and show you a few ways that you can work with the default category for your website. Uncategorized. avnet adds thousands of new products every week we want you to have access to those parts as soon as possible. sometimes it takes a little time for our team to add all the technical attributes and categorization for these new parts. click below to see them here, we’ll have all the data in place shortly.